The DSAC was formed in Spring 2019 to consolidate input and feedback from students to help the DUS make continuous improvements to the major, and to develop resources for students in the major, including most of this website. Per the name, the DSAC is advisory: it does not approve or reject course schedules, make unilateral changes to the major requirements, etc.

As a student in the Applied Math major, the DSAC should be your first point of contact for feedback about how to improve the major or the resources within it. That’s what it’s here for! Please also contact us (amth.dsac@yale.edu) if you’re interested in joining the DSAC or have questions about the peer mentor program.

The current members of the DSAC are listed below. Feel free to reach out to any or all of them with questions:

  • Ethan Brown ‘22
  • Emma Levin ‘23 - Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Gandhar Mahadeshwar ‘22 - Statistical Learning
  • Sebastian Tsai ‘22
  • Annie Ulichney ‘23